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Altamonte Springs

20 Wings


Splitting Quantities: Half & Half .50 per 10 wings
Comes with 1 – 4 oz blue cheese or ranch

(Optional) $$ Wing Selection:All Drumsticks +$2All Flats +$2
(Select up to 3) Wing Sauce/Dry Rub:Honey BBQ BBQ Gold BBQ Teriyaki Bang Bang Honey Mustard Parmesan Garlic Mild Citrus Chipotle BBQ Lemon Pepper Cajun Caribbean Jerk Medium Buffalo Muddy Frog Sweet Chili Srirachi Ranch Hot Teriyaki Hot Honey Garlic Hot Honey Mustard Hot Honey Cajun Gold Fever Hot Black and Gold Black and Gold Teriyaki Hot Muddy Frog 3 Mile Island Hell's Kitchen Sweet Habanero Heat Steel Curtain Atomic Dry Rub Roasted Chipotle Garlic Dry Rub Lemon Pepper Dry Rub Cajun Dry Rub Froggers' Secret
(Optional) $$ Make It Wet:Honey BBQ +$1BBQ +$1Gold BBQ +$1Teriyaki +$1Bang Bang +$1Honey Mustard +$1Parmesan Garlic +$1Mild +$1Citrus Chipotle BBQ +$1Lemon Pepper +$1Cajun +$1Caribbean Jerk +$1Medium +$1Buffalo +$1Muddy Frog +$1Sweet Chili +$1Srirachi Ranch +$1Hot Teriyaki +$1Hot Honey Garlic +$1Hot Honey Mustard +$1Hot Honey Cajun +$1Gold Fever +$1Hot +$1Black and Gold +$1Black and Gold Teriyaki +$1Hot Muddy Frog +$13 Mile Island +$1Hell's Kitchen +$1Sweet Habanero Heat +$1Steel Curtain +$1Atomic +$1Dry Rub Roasted Chipotle Garlic +$1Dry Rub Lemon Pepper +$1Dry Rub Cajun +$1Dry Rub Froggers' Secret +$1
(Optional) $$ Celery:Add Celery +$0.75
(Select 1) Dipping Sauce:Blue Cheese Ranch
(Optional) $$ 2 – 4 oz Blue Cheese or Ranch:2 oz. Ranch +$0.754 oz. Ranch +$1(2) 4 oz. Ranch +$22 oz. Blue Cheese +$0.754 oz. Blue Cheese +$1(2) 4 oz. Blue Cheese +$2